What is DanceCrazy??

DanceCrazy.com is one of the world's premier dancing websites.

Founded in 1996, as SalsaCrazy.com, DanceCrazy was born of a passion to dance, and a desire to show others how fantastic dancing can be.

As our first instructor told us, "It will change your life". Give dancing a try, and you'll find a vibrant world of fantastic people, exciting nightlife, and perhaps a side of yourself you've always wanted to free.

In that vain, we've created these high quality DVDs to showcase how easy and fun dancing can be, and to prove that you (yes, YOU), can do it too!

With exciting music, a rich history, and unbeatable, intoxicating, rhythms, you will learn to dance. We guarantee it!

DanceCrazy is a complete and extensive online dance resource that aims to help anyone, absolutely anyone, learn how dance.

Whether you want to learn Salsa, Swing, Rumba, Ballroom dancing, or any of the other dances, we've got you covered.

DanceCrazy videos teach every style of dance for all skill levels.

It doesn't matter if you've never danced a day in your life, or if you've been dancing for years. . . we can help you.

The goal of DanceCrazy is to create the ultimate go-to guide for all things Dance.

 Everything from how to dance, what music to dance to, the history of dance, what clothing to wear (and where to get it), and much more.

DanceCrazy is the definitive guide to Dance. . .

For more information, visit www.DanceCrazy.com