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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Dance Swing:

Before you can learn about the history of the Swing dance you first need to know the Swing Dance came from. Swing Dancing is dances choreographed around the Swing Music of the 1920ís, 1930ís, and 1940ís or better known as the Lindy Hop. The history of the Swing Dance can be traced to the Lindy Hop, which is an African American dance. The Lindy Hop can be traced back to the early 1920ís and 1930ís, the dance itself is compromised of mainly Jazz, Tap, the Breakaway, and the Charleston.

You will also find that the Anglo-American community influenced the dance greatly.

Why is learning the Swing Dance important? It teaches us the American Culture of both African Americans and Anglo-Americans. It shows us how people from our past spent expressed themselves and found enjoyment.

What Benefits do you get from the Swing Dance? There are many benefits from learning the swing dance one such is the Social benefit. The Social Benefits range from learning to be around people, to learning how to trust your partner, especially in those tricky and exhilarating moves. Just imagine someone lifting you up of the floor and you having to trust that they not drop you.

Then we have the Health Benefits, these ranges from increased heart rate to, which as you know gets the blood pumping, to strengthening your bones in both your hips and legs. It also helps you to loose weight and keep it under control, lowering your blood pressure, improve and strengthen your body, and helps to reduce stress. Reducing stress you can reduce Depression helps you to look and feel younger, and not to mention lower stressed people generally lead happier lives.

Confidence is another benefit to learning the Swing Dance. Not only will your confidence level rise while learning the dance but you overall confidence in life as well.

The benefits of learning a new skill in any fashion is always a good thing, but just think of all the moves you and your partner do. Learning each of those steps causes your brain to process more information, which in turn works it out and this of course creates a domino effect in every part of your life.

The benefit of Exercise and Swing dancing is that you are getting a work out and didnít even realize it. Many people in todayís society want to increase their exercising however they donít find the time or inclination to go to that stuffy gym or on their morning jog. With dancing though you can enjoy yourself while getting your exercise in. There are many that started dancing on a whim to escape from their daily lives and found it to be not only exhilarating but addictive as well.

Meeting new people is always a good thing. Humans are designed to have interaction and contact with others, itís in our DNA. With dancing you get that interaction while learning something new and exciting. You will find that while taking the lessons that you meet not only the teacher and the other students, but form a bond with them as well. Nothing brings you closer than accomplishing something great with another person, and learning the Swing can and will do that if you let it.

Entertainment and fun, well those are two words I can relate too. Being both a wife and mother I sometimes find it hard to find something the whole family can do together that everyone will enjoy. Dancing is one of the very few things we can do together that are both fun and entertaining. I think dancing is a part of each and everyone of us.

Non-verbal communication, Yeah you can smile at someone when you are mad, but your body never lies. The stance you take, the lack of movement, or signs of agitation tell more than your mouth or face ever could. Just think if you can express all of this without saying a word, can you think of how your body might show love or affection? Dancing allows you to put into words just how much you care and love someone without ever saying a word.

Coordination is another benefit you get from dancing, by learning to listen and move with your entire body being a part of it improves your coordination in all areas of life. You will find that as your coordination grows you will be less likely to stumble as much or seem as clumsy. Now this is not true for everyone but seems that way for myself.